With recent advances in cancer treatment, radiation oncologists are now able to map a cancerous site and deliver precise beams of radiation directly to the diseased tissue. However, differences do exist in the quality and sophistication of radiation equipment.

SRON features state-of-the-art equipment, including:

Linear Accelerators:
Linear accelerators are the newest radiation technology available today. The machines produce and deliver radiation with precision that was previously unavailable – accuracy down to the millimeter.

At SRON, our machine employs high-energy radiation to affect a cure by destroying cancer cells and their ability to reproduce. Our sophisticated linear accelerators deliver the exact prescribed dose to the patient in the lowest number of monitor units (MUs) possible—without sacrificing efficacy—every time. Our radiation treatment machines ensure reliable doses, fast treatment times and precise treatment. These cutting-edge treatments are changing the landscape of cancer treatment, making radiation therapy an option for many more patients than ever before.
  • Varian Clinac 21ix Linear Accelerator with multi-leaf collimator, on-board imager and portal vision
  • Varian Clinac 2100C/D Linear Accelerator with multi-leaf collimator

CT Simulation:
At SRON, our technicians use digitized imaging studies to precisely map out the tumor to provide accurate targeted radiation therapy. Each patient is then assigned a digital file that holds their individual tumor target and radiation therapy information.
  • GE Medical Systems Hi Speed Advantage Computerized Tomography (CT) Simulator

3-D Treatment Planning:
Our 3-D Treatment Planning System uses data from the simulator and other imaging studies, combines information on the shape of the patient, size and location of the tumor, and nearby critical organs into a computerized 3-dimensional image. Our radiation oncologist and medical physicist will be able to clearly visualize the tumor as they plan to deliver the maximum dose of radiation to the target site and the minimum dose to other tissue to keep the risk of complications to a minimum.

  • Pinnacle³ Expert Radiation Therapy Planning System

Electronic Medical Records:
The MOSAIQ® Radiation Oncology Information System has been the backbone for Southland Radiation Oncology Network from day one. Patients enjoy highly personalized care at Southland Radiation Oncology Network, with secure charting efficiencies playing a large role. Reminders are built in next to each name on the schedule to document any changes in a patient’s normal routine, and medical professionals can review records, toggle between treatment screens for historical information and type in comprehensive notes.
  • MOSAIQ® Radiation Oncology Information System