• Radiation Therapy and You: Support for People with Cancer
    This book is a guide that you can refer to throughout radiation therapy. It has facts about radiation therapy and side effects and describes how you can care for yourself during and after treatment
  • Eating Hints for Cancer Patients: Before, During & After Treatment
    This booklet is to help you learn about your diet needs during treatment and to help you cope with side effects that may affect eating. It is designed for cancer patients and their families and other caregivers. The information here has been gathered from many sources and reflects the tried-and-true experience of cancer patients and the doctors, nurses, and dietitians who work with them.
  • Caring for the Caregiver
    This booklet is for “caregivers” – friends and family members supporting cancer patients during their treatment. It is designed as a guide for caregivers during their loved ones’ treatment.
  • Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment
    This booklet was written to share common feelings and reactions that many people just like you have had after treatment ended. It also offers some practical tips to help you through this time. This booklet shares stories from other survivors about life after cancer: practical ways of dealing with common problems and guidelines for managing your physical, social, and emotional health.
  • Facing Forward: When Someone You Love Has Completed Cancer Treatment
    The focus of the booklet is to provide care givers with coping strategies to help them shift their focus from treatment to recovery. This booklet discusses the transition to a "new normal," communication skills and feelings, ways to get support, helping with follow-up care, and the need for self-care.