• “My experience at Southland Radiation Oncology Network was very positive. The staff was very supportive the entire 6 weeks of my treatment. I feel I had the best care possible.”
    Patricia, Walnut
  • “Everyone was so wonderful! From the doctor to the assistants, the care was outstanding. I haven’t stopped praising the staff at Covina Cancer Care Center with all my friends. Thank you for making a difficult time in my life so much easier!”
    Juanita - Alta Loma, CA
  • “I feel I received excellent care at Southland Radiation Oncology Network and enjoyed personable and professional technicians. The doctor was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend SRON.”
    Susan - Devore, CA
  • “I would recommend Southland Radiation Oncology Network to anyone who needs radiation therapy procedures and treatment. The staff was excellent; they made me feel at ease at a fearful time as radiation treatment.”
    Sheila – Upland, CA
  • “I loved the atmosphere, staff, and the services; a group of great professionals.”
    Clifton – Rialto, CA
  • “Thank you to everyone at Southland Radiation Oncology Network for the hospitality you extended me in my treatments. I appreciate the patience and enthusiasm of the staff.”
    Manuela – Duarte, CA
  • “The staff at Southland Radiation Oncology Network was very courteous, helpful, and caring. Their joyous spirit and smiles were much appreciated. They were very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.”
    Jeremiah – Montclair, CA
  • “Easy to give this crew top marks; professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and on-time. Thank you all.”
    Morris - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • “After many different doctors and nurses that I’ve been to, your group is outstanding in every way - Hats off to all of you.”
    Jim – Montclair, CA
  • “I would be happy to recommend your services to other patients requiring radiation therapy. I was very pleased by the pleasant attitudes of the staff, and of course the professionalism of everyone involved.”
    Donald - La Puente, CA
  • “I found all of your staff members very courteous, friendly and very helpful during a difficult time.”
    Alison – Ontario, CA
  • “Thank you for saving my life.”
    Yolanda – Azusa, CA
  • “I appreciated the entire staff. I was always treated with respect, consideration and received the utmost of care.”
    Sharon - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • “You have by far the best treatment center. Thank you again for your support; I’m a big fan of yours.”
    Lewis - La Puente, CA
  • “The entire staff at the Ontario and Covina offices was very pleasant, warm and supportive; but, more importantly acted in a very professional manner at all times.”
    Michelle – Ontario, CA
  • “I was treated with the utmost courtesy and care. I would recommend this facility to anyone. Southland Radiation Oncology Network, please accept my thanks for an experience I will never forget.”
    Norine - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • “The staff in Ontario is amazing; so professional and nice. They are cheerful, friendly and really care about you. I never expected to laugh and smile while undergoing radiation but they are so positive.”
    Jennifer – Hesperia, CA
  • “The staff is both supportive and uplifting. They explained every procedure and side effect. I felt well cared for both professionally and emotionally.”
    Kaye – Upland, CA
  • “It was always great to be greeted by all your smiling faces.”
    Dennis & Phyllis - Alta Loma, CA
  • “No one could ask for a better team. I always felt as if I was the only patient and was treated like a family member.”
    Larry – Ontario, CA
  • “I can’t express my thanks enough for such a polite, caring, and accommodating staff. You all helped me see this through. I would recommend your facility to anyone that may need your expertise and care.”
    Donna - Chino Hills, CA
    “The staff really helped me feel more at ease and comfortable with my treatment. They helped me when I had questions and concerns. I felt so much support and kindness from everyone there and cannot begin to tell you how much better that made me feel.”
    Monica – Chino, CA
  • “Our experience at Southland Radiation Oncology Network was awesome! Everyone was so caring and understanding which made my treatments easier to handle. We would recommend the center to anyone who may need radiation treatment.”
    David – Upland, CA
  • “It was such a pleasure to come to a medical office that was not antiseptic looking; the furniture, paintings etc. made it comfortable and home looking.”
    Dale & Robin – Riverside, CA
  • “I would recommend Southland Radiation Oncology Network. The staff was outstanding and went out of their way to be friendly and made me feel very comfortable.”
    Keith – Ontario, CA
  • “I couldn’t have dreamed up a better place to have my treatment.”
    Brenda – Fontana, CA
  • “The staff at Southland Radiation Oncology Network is excellent. At a time that you are going through something that you never thought would happen – that’s the time you need people that are positive, happy and caring – that’s your staff. I always felt positive and your staff reinforced that for me. I am glad that I had a chance to meet them during this time.”
    John - Alta Loma, CA
  • “Every need was fulfilled, every question answered and all procedures explained. The staff was patient, polite and professional. I am indeed thankful.”
    Nancy - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • “I couldn’t have asked for better care.”
    Chuck – Upland, CA
  • “Everyone was fantastic. When facing cancer there is always a very uneasy feeling; the staff at Southland Radiation Oncology Network made me feel at ease – I almost forgot that I had cancer. They explained everything every step of the way. I will miss all of them.”
    Mary Beth – Corona, CA
  • “A most professional group – thanks for being there.”
    Bernie – Claremont, CA
  • “I feel fortunate to have been able to have my treatment at your facility; beautiful décor, latest technology, and a caring staff. Thank you again.”
    Georgeanna - Hacienda Heights, CA
  • “The facility is beautiful and inviting. The staff was extraordinary, happy, friendly and wonderful people.”
    Ruth – Victorville, CA
  • “The facility is beautiful inside, kept neat and clean. Our wait time in the reception room was very short, and appointment times were kept. Thank you.”
    Robert - Alta Loma, CA
  • “I was very relaxed and comfortable each and every time I came for radiation therapy. The music being played in the [treatment] room is a genius idea. Thank you for making something very scary something easier to deal with.”
    Shelly – Ontario, CA
  • “The Radiation Therapy group is very kind, very capable and most professional in dealing with others and customers. My 32 appointment course of radiation therapy was very enjoyable, due to each of the group members’ contribution to my care and well being.”
    Margaret - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • “To Southland Radiation Oncology Network staff: I wish to thank you all for the support that each one of you gave me at a time when I needed it the most. I will always hold each of you in my thoughts and prayers for all you have given me.”
    Mary - Alta Loma, CA